Professional Exteriors

We sevice a broad range of building exteriors: commercial, business signage, apartments/condominiums, and home residences.
Ponce Painting - Commercial Buildings
Commercial Buildings

That bright, strong sun we all love in Southern California guarantees that your building exterior and building signage will weather.

If you want to preserve your building, your asset, from rain intrusion and keep your business appearance bright and sharp to attract your customers, then this requires repainting and/or refinishing your buiding's exterior to protect it.

Ponce Painting - Commercial Signs
Business Signage

The question is how often do you want to do repaint or refinish your exterior?

If you use quality products as we do from paint suppliers such as Dunn Edwards, Sherwin Williams, Frazee Paint, Benjamin Moore, Vista Paint, and Ici then you pay for repainting or refinishing your building's exterior less often.

Get the quality up front and save in the long run!

Ponce Painting - Condominiums
Apartments & Condominiums

We have extensive experience painting large, multi-dweller buildings and are practiced at working with apartment building owners and condominium associations.

Of particular value to these customers is our ability to manage repairs to the buildings from termite and rot as well to deliver repairs and upgrades to walkways, fences and retaining walls.

Ponce Painting - Apartments

Whether you home is small or large and whether you need just a maintenance coat or you need repairs before painting, we can take care of your needs.

Most importantly, you will have competent, vetted painters working for you and direct access to their supervisor and the company's owner.

Exterior Services

Elastomeric coating
Graffiti removal
Anti-graffiti sealers
Pressure washing
Mildew bleaching
Concrete custom staining and sealer
Termite and wood rot repair
Home owners associations, condominium projects & apartments
Commercial & industrial buildings
Retail tenant improvement
Local and federal government contracts

Preparation Services

Pressure Washing
Ponce Painting - Power Washing

Concrete Custom Staining
Ponce Painting - Concrete Custom Staining